Often we hear about computer viruses and hacks when they happen, but rarely do we know if the creators and perpetrators were identified or brought to justice. When it does happen, the old saying about revenge being sweet is proven true. This interesting news came to us from Reuters in their article, “U.S. charges North Korean hacker in Sony, WannaCry cyberattacks.”

The United States government recently charged and sanctioned a North Korean man in the 2017 global WannaCry ransomware cyberattack and the 2014 cyber assault on Sony Corp. The charges were part of a strategy by the United States government to deter future cyberattacks by making public the name of the alleged perpetrators. It is also believed that the North Korean hacker broke into the central bank of Bangladesh in 2016.

Park Jin Hyok worked as part of a team of hackers also known as the Lazarus Group. In 2016 and 2017, Park’s targets included defense contractor Lockheed Martin Corp., though there has been no evidence Lockheed was breached.

Melody K. Smith

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