AI Technology and Understanding

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is supposed to disrupt every day life and the world of work in particular. However, it is more talked about today […]

Upping the Game for Machine Learning

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers are looking at ways for machine learning to use more data in its decision-making. Health IT Analytics brought […]

Growing the AI Engagement

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The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) has been powerful and not fully realized at this point in technology evolution. The capability of a machine […]

Bias in Algorithms

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Artificial intelligence (AI) systems can unfairly penalize certain segments of the population—especially women and minorities. Researchers and tech companies are figuring out how to […]

Understanding Data Science

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Data science in business is appropriate. It does require an understanding of what you are trying to achieve, however. This interesting information came to […]

Technology, Facial Recognition & Bias

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Intel has combined their RealSense depth-sensing camera with a neural network to develop a facial recognition system that can enable access to a variety of technologies, Internet […]

The Power of Semantic Search

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Semantic search refers to the ability of search engines to consider the intent and contextual meaning of search phrases when serving content to users […]

Healthcare Embraces AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used in the evaluation of medical imaging data. This task usually requires a specially developed algorithm but scientists from […]

Bias in Deep Learning Systems

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As the industry’s ability to collect digital data increases, a new wave of machine-based learning and deep learning technologies are offering the promise of […]

Managing AI

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Global business leaders have come to recognize artificial intelligence’s (AI) power to impact every thing around the globe. The challenge still remains with how […]