The Cool Kids of Technology

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At the midway point of 2018 a review of the content published and consumed at DATAVERSITY revealed some interesting insights. DATAVERSITY brought this information to […]

Cloud Used in Crime

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The security of data stored in the cloud is becoming more tenuous. Cloud hacks are becoming increasingly prominent and problematic. This is causing concern […]

Scholarly Communication Webinar

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The National Federation of Advanced Information Services (NFAIS) is offering a webinar as part of their 2018 series titled, “Scholarly Information Applications for Blockchain,” scheduled for August […]

IoT Technology Partnership

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In the world of mergers and collaborations, the recent partnership between Ontology, a high-performance public blockchain project and Chains of Things (COT) is interesting […]

Digital Processing and Data Management

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Managing education records may get easier with blockchain technology. Sony has developed a new digital system for storing and managing education records that not only […]