Applied Analytics is Accessible

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The Applied Analytics Club at the University of Washington (AACUW) was formed this past fall. It was created to provide an interdisciplinary space for students to […]

Riding the Digital Wave

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Organizations are managing an increasingly complicated set of conflicting rules around digital data across markets. Consistency and clarity is needed. Digital Insurance brought this […]

Desirable IT and Data Management Skill Sets

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If you are on the information technology or data management career path, certifications are important benchmarks that many organizations value when looking to hire […]

Building a Blockchain Taxonomy

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The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is working with research organizations, industry consortiums and businesses, including Microsoft, to create a blockchain-neutral business-focused Token Taxonomy Framework. This interesting news […]

Taxonomy Design and Creation Workshop at SLA 2019

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We recently shared with you some taxonomy educational opportunities available at this year’s Special Libraries Association (SLA) 2019 Conference in Cleveland.

There is one more […]

Taxonomy: Search’s Hula-Hoop

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I received several thoughtful comments on my Beyond Search Web log from well-known search and content processing experts (not the search engine optimization type or […]