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Digital Learning is Today

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The printed book has been the foundation of the educational publishing industry since 1455. Has digital publishing changed the dynamics? Is digital learning the […]

Speed and Quality Shouldn’t Be Either Or

By |July 6th, 2011|News, Technology|Comments Off on Speed and Quality Shouldn’t Be Either Or

Several months ago, Microsoft promised us Project Crescent, code name for a new business intelligence tool designed for nontechnical users to create dynamic reports. Crescent was the centerpiece for another code-named technology, Denali, the upcoming release of SQL Server.

Content Management Systems Evolve

By |July 1st, 2011|News|Comments Off on Content Management Systems Evolve

Is your content management system holding your organization back from digital media opportunities? Content management systems continue to evolve and one particular author points out the specific ways and why it should be important to news organizations.