Using Emerging Technologies Against Us

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When it comes to cyber threats, especially phishing, the nefarious characters know that the more data they’re able to harvest about an individual, the […]

Using AI to Fight Back at Cybercrime

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Two new tools are helping cybersecurity professionals fight the vast volume of threats and attacks— artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This important subject came to us […]

Fighting Fraud with Technology

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When you hear about cyberattacks, do you automatically link it to organized crime? Surprisingly, it is very active throughout both the private and public […]

Cybercrime Meets AI

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Cyberattacks are more frequent than ever. With the sophistication of criminals using a broad range of techniques to evade detection and access valuable data, […]

AI and Cybercrime

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COVID-19 has been the catalyst for many changes and, unfortunately, fraudulent digital activity is one of them. This topic came to us from Lombard […]

The Simultaneous Growth of Data and Cybercrime

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Data is all around us and unfortunately, so are hacker attacks. Everything that we do digitally not only results in incessant new data but […]

Avoiding Ransomware

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There are several kinds of fraud and various facets of nefarious actions that results in fraudulent activity. One of the more pervasive and challenging […]

Hackers in the Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has made many systems and situations more vulnerable to hackers and nefarious thieves. This news came to us from the Indy […]

Watching for Fraud

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Fraudsters know a good opportunity when they see one. Whether it is taking advantage of patients in healthcare settings to phishing information from deployed […]

Cybercrime Thrived in Chaos

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The cyberattack on one of the largest pipeline operators in the country was a reminder that our infrastructure is seen as easy prey by […]