Deep Learning’s Promise

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In the world of technology there are many terms used in conjunction with artificial intelligence (AI). That is because AI is an umbrella and much […]

AI is Everywhere

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is integrated into nearly every field and our daily lives, in one form or another. New advances and approaches are constantly […]

Smart Technology at Work

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There has been a 20% drop in workplace happiness over the past three years. A recent survey shows that many report being so dissatisfied […]

Data Breaches and Risks

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Another report of a data breach greeted us in the news this week. It is becoming more common and, I fear, desensitizing us to […]

Deep Learning in Deep Space

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Galaxy clusters can be some of the most massive structures in the cosmos, but despite being millions of light years across, they can still […]

Teaching Search Skills

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Findability is always the goal for any data enterprise system. Successful search results are like winning the door prize at an event. We are […]

Peer Review Challenges

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In the academic publishing world, peer review is like the “inspected by” sticker you find in your clothes. It provides assurance that someone who knows […]

Open Access Project Gains Interest

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A new project has been launched to help universities, researchers, libraries and publishers make better use of open access book publishing in humanities and […]

Origins of Deep Learning

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Deep learning feels like a new term. However, the origins of deep learning and neural networks actually date back to the 1950s. Built In brought this […]

Analytics in Accounting Webinar

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Analytics are becoming more important to users in every industry. The importance and need of data analytics is ever increasing, especially for today’s accountants. From […]