Artificial Intelligence’s Impact on Healthcare

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The idea that artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning or deep learning devices could someday replace neurologists was rejected overwhelmingly by neurologists after listening to […]

Twitter Beefing Up Their Machine Learning Tools

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Machine learning plays a key role in the social media platform, Twitter. From onboarding people on the platform to connecting them with relevant conversations, […]

Big Data Analytics and IoT

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Big data analytics is the complex process of examining large and varied data sets or big data to uncover information including hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market […]

AI Attracts Investors

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The number of investments in artificial intelligence (AI) is setting new records with each passing year. Investors’ activity indicates the significance of this kind […]

Future Data Scientists

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With technology and automation evolving, the role of a data scientist is increasing in numbers and need. This information came to us from Tech Target […]

It Gets Deep

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There’s a lot of conversation about all the possibilities of machines learning to do things humans currently do in our factories, warehouses, offices and […]

Seniors and Technology

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Benefits of technology continue to be realized. A new report commissioned by Vodafone UK reveals that digital technology can help alleviate loneliness among those over […]

Access Innovations to hold Third DHUG East 2019 at AAAS Headquarters

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For the second year, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has invited Access Innovations to hold the third Data Harmony Users […]

Machine and Deep Learning

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Machine learning uses algorithms to turn a data set into a predictive model. Seems simple, but to many it is still complicated. This interesting […]

Technology and Gender Issues

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Gender inequity and pay gaps exist in every field of work, but science and technology probably fight the hardest battle in getting women interested […]