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Being Open

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Over the years, open access has evolved beyond a core of faculty and librarian activists and achieved acceptance across many libraries and publishers alike. […]

Workshop on Open Access

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Open access to scholarly research is finally being embraced by governments, libraries, publishers and the global research community. The National Federation of Advanced Information […]

New and Better Access

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Emerald Group Publishing has launched the Green Open Access, Zero Embargo trial applicable for all mandated articles submitted to the company’s library and information science (LIS) […]

Working Together for Open Access

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Springer has announced a partnership with IMISCOE, the largest network of excellence on migration and diversity in the world. This partnership will allow for […]

The Future of CMSs is Open

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Content management systems (CMS) have evolved over the years from merely a copy and paste function to a mix of development, design, marketing, information architecture, user experience, and more. Websites are still a core asset of most businesses, which means the CMS has become increasingly important.

And the survey says…

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The Ancient World Online (AWOL) blog is looking for academics who have used open data in their teaching to share their experiences. By conducting a mini survey to understand which portals, tools or repositories academics use to retrieve open datasets, they can better understand how this information is being used in teaching and learning in higher education. Have you taken the AWOL User Survey?