Portable Peer Review

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The process of peer review is a cornerstone of scientific integrity. It guarantees the quality in a scientific research paper. When a researcher accomplishes […]

New Partnership Enhances Learning

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Credo has a reputation as the industry leader for information literacy, critical thinking, and research solutions. Recently they announced it is contributing features and enhancements […]

The Importance of Memory

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There is a lot of conversation in society around memory, both out of concern with medical conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s and the more […]

Using Digital Technology for Efficiency

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Digital Science recently invested in a robotic cloud laboratory for life sciences. They brought this to our attention in their article, “Digital Science Invests in Transcriptic, […]

Who Wrote It?

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In a surprising turn of events, Oxford University Press announced that its new edition of the complete works of William Shakespeare will credit Christopher Marlowe […]

Power Project Using Cellular Engineering

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In the world of semantic technology and artificial intelligence, it may seem surprising that cellular engineering is poised to open up new and exciting […]

New President for Association of Research Libraries

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Mary M. Case recently began a one-year term as president of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). Prior to her election, Case served as the university librarian […]

New Resources for Scholars

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EBSCO Information Services (EBSCO) has introduced a new product to meet the increasing demands of scholarly research. The collection includes five multidiscipline databases, each […]

The Origins of Labor Day

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Every year in the United States, summer is unofficially kicked off with Memorial Day. The pools open, the BBQ grills are fired up and […]

Grey Areas in Plagiarism

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Throughout college, I would get anxious when I submitted papers to a professor who used plagiarism software. I always cited my sources, following the […]