A challenge for many researchers is how to present data in a useful and approachable way. Chemistry World brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Presentation and copyright worries keep scientists from sharing data.”

Gathering data and doing research is second nature to them, but organizing data in a useful, presentable way is the biggest hurdle to sharing research data. This is followed by worries about copyright issues and infringements.

These insights came from a survey of 7700 biological, earth, medical and physical scientists. The survey revealed that 76% of researchers think it is important to make data generated by experiments available to others. This information helps researchers better understand or reproduce their colleagues’ experiments. However, in 2017, only about half of all data was shared.

What is shared is often buried in supporting information files that vary wildly in format and content. This can be a significant challenge for software gathering information for big data projects.

Melody K. Smith

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