Automation Integration

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Infolinx System Solutions is integrating Kofax Capture into their enterprise class Infolinx WEB application. This latest integration extends solution functionality by automating and accelerating business processes. The integration will be available as an add-on to all Infolinx WEB editions.

Measures of Success

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Information technology continues to change at a rate unfathomable for most to keep up with, let alone manage. Roles change on a daily basis in an effort to just keep up.

A Marriage of the Past and the Future

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Katy Klettlinger became Licking County’s first records center coordinator in November 2008 to store and preserve public records. The position was one of solitude at first but now oversees three other full-time employees: one reference archivist and two imaging technicians. They preserve public records on paper, in electronic form and on microfilm.

Making Content More Findable

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Metaome Science Informatics has announced the launch of DistilBio Enterprise - a knowledge discovery and exploration platform for the life sciences.

Ontology-Based Software Aiding in Treating Diabetes

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Arab Open University's (AOU) branch in Oman has developed software for detection and risk assessment of diabetes and other related diseases. This software is ontology driven known as Decision Support System. It was developed as part of the Research Council (TRC) Open Research Grant program. AOU was awarded this project in 2012.