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Smart Technology at Work

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There has been a 20% drop in workplace happiness over the past three years. A recent survey shows that many report being so dissatisfied […]

Cyber Crime Approaches Morph

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Cyber crime continues in various iterations. Ransomware is just one of those. Cyber criminals are adapting to the protective measures put in place to […]

Analytics in the Course of Change

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Data analytics tells a story. When I found this article related to a cruise line that I was about to embark on an extended […]

Scarcity of Data Professionals

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Data and analytics capabilities have been the popular topics over the past few years. This isn’t surprising considering the volume of available data has […]

Peer Review Challenges

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In the academic publishing world, peer review¬†is like the “inspected by” sticker you find in your clothes. It provides assurance that someone who knows […]

Technology in the Publishing World

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Publishing is an information technology business, but technology may not be enough. It is more than having the capacity to invest in technology or […]

Insight Into Data

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The data that insurers collect allows insight into their customers and their customer’s lives. The opportunity to leverage this data can result in offering […]

Desirable IT and Data Management Skill Sets

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If you are on the information technology or data management career path, certifications are important benchmarks that many organizations value when looking to hire […]

The Challenges of Digital

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As digital¬†content continues to rise in popularity over the years, it is assumed that convenience and cost are the main drivers. Even though print […]

Records Management Benefits

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Proper management is the key to success in any business. Whether it is an information technology organization, a restaurant or a farm, records management […]