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Publishing and Technology

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Publishing is an information technology business, but technology may not be enough. It is more than having the capacity to invest in technology or […]

Records Management Benefits

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Proper management is the key to success in any business. Whether it is an information technology organization, a restaurant or a farm, records management […]

Data Stewardship in the Workplace

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Data is key to so many things. It is the most important asset for a business. It provides insights into business trends and customer […]

AI at Home and Work

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More companies are utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace, but how comfortable are the employers and employees with this new technology? It is […]

The Sweet Spot

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One of the newest and fastest growing trends right now is the internet of things (IoT). This has been a game changer for not […]

Useful Data

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The data that insurers collect allows insight into their customers and their customer’s lives. The opportunity to leverage this data can result in offering […]

Cloud Computing Integration

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Businesses were eager to adopt a cloud computing solution into their infrastructure, but how successful was it? Did they understand exactly what they were […]

Being Connected

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There are literally billions of devices that are part of the Internet of Things (IoT). Beyond health trackers, internet-enabled light switches, and video doorbells, […]

Cloud Computing Under Critique

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Cloud computing is convenient, provides for easy access to data, and offers a layer of security. What it doesn’t always deliver is speed. While […]

Ransomware Gets Creative

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Cyber crime continues in various iterations. Ransomware is just one of those. Cyber criminals are adapting to the protective measures put in place to […]