Everyone is looking for ways to push back climate change and embrace clean energy. This interesting topic came to us from Utility Dive in their article, “California has big clean energy ambitions, and is looking for better energy storage to realize them.”

The California Energy Commission (CEC) is putting up to $11 million on the table for developers of energy storage technologies – other than lithium-ion batteries. The agency is looking for projects based on emerging customer-side storage technologies and to focus only on customer-side electrolytic hydrogen storage.

This is driven by California’s 100% clean energy statutory requirement and the need for a diverse set of longer-duration storage technologies. Energy storage plays an important role in the supply and demand balancing act and helps to create a more flexible and reliable grid system.

Because some renewable energy technologies – such as wind and solar – have variable outputs, storage technologies have great potential for smoothing out the electricity supply from these sources and ensuring that the supply of generation matches the demand.

Melody K. Smith

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