It is not news that data continues to grow and accumulate. However, 60% of all workloads will be hosted or born in the cloud by 2022. Cloud computing has offered a solution, but the risks are increasing. This interesting news came to us from Redmond Mag in their article, “Data Governance for the Cloud Era.

Enterprises cannot ignore the potential for critical data loss or new regulatory requirements. Data governance enables an organization to harness the right data for purpose of raising an organization’s confidence and trust in their data. There is a definite value associated with leveraging the right data for business functions. At the same time, there is also risk related to data and its operations.

Consideration of assessing and managing risk linked with data and related resources often take a back stage in an enterprise risk management strategy. But data governance is the only existing pillar in most organizations to ensure successful and sustainable management of data as an enterprise asset.

Melody K. Smith

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