The Pentagon is looking into emerging technologies, such as 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), to use on base as well as on the battlefield. However, some are questioning their understanding of and intended applications of these new technologies. This interesting news came to us from GCN in their article, “DOD makes plans to support emerging tech on base.

Readiness seems to be at the root of most concerns. Do they have the infrastructure to work on those new technologies now, and in the future?

To prepare for imminent technology shifts, the Army is leaning heavily on Futures Command, according to Lt. Gen. Duane Gamble, the Army’s deputy chief of staff, G-4. “In some cases, we don’t know what the modernized system looks like quite yet,” he said. “There are decision points for every program along the way so that the industrial base, the infrastructure can be modified, improved, or reconstructed, developed or restored or modernized through funding.”

Melody K. Smith

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