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Spontaneous Data Combustion

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Research data doesn’t just spontaneously happen. There is a choreographed effort involving a crowd of people getting it to the finish line. This interesting information […]

Cloud Performance

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Cloud architecture refers to the various components in terms of databases, software capabilities, applications, etc., that are engineered to leverage the power of cloud […]

Gene Taxonomy Holds Great Benefits

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Some University of Waterloo researchers have developed a new online tool that allows users to navigate through an interactive microbial tree of life and […]

Challenges of Real Time Analytics

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Analytics are in great demand. Today’s requirements are putting new pressures on existing data infrastructures. Performing real-time analytics across operational and stored data is […]

Security and Governance of Data

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Data has long been identified as one of the most valuable assets an organization possesses. How essential, then, is it for enterprises to adopt […]

AI and Climate Change

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Climate change is quite likely one of the most important and divisive issues of our time. Despite increasing global consensus about the urgency of […]

Blockchain Has Challenges

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Blockchain technology is commonly associated with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but that is not all it does. Some think blockchain has the potential to […]

Analyzing the IoT Data

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Data produced and consumed by the many Internet of Things (IoT) devices is constantly growing at an ever-expanding rate. It is predicted that there […]

Beantown Goes Smart

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The lifeblood of business is data. The same applies to cities, especially smart cities. Boston’s new data warehouse platform, launched internally through the city’s […]