Data governance is often overlooked and needs to be understood within enterprise IT. Info World brought this interesting topic to our attention in their article, “Data should be a first-class citizen in the cloud.”

Data is often tied to specific cloud platforms or services or is otherwise coupled in a proprietary way. This makes migrating to or integrating with solutions difficult. Indeed, this is the foundation of most data problems: the creation of data silos that are difficult to break down.

Data governance in the context of cloud computing refers to the set of policies, processes and procedures that ensure the proper management, security, and privacy of data in cloud-based environments. Cloud computing introduces unique challenges and opportunities for data governance, because data is stored and processed across distributed cloud servers.

Data governance in cloud computing requires a collaborative effort between the organization and the cloud provider, to establish and enforce robust data management practices that align with the organization’s security and compliance objectives.

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Melody K. Smith

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