Data Analytics Across Industries

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It shouldn’t be surprising that the number of data analytics jobs in the power industry in North America was up almost 4% in the […]

Getting Control of Your Data

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If you’ve ever walked into a hoarder’s home, you were likely met by endless piles of seemingly worthless things. To the owner, though, these […]

Healthcare Data Stratetgy

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A recent survey of healthcare executives revealed their lack of trust when it comes to data. This is especially ironic given they are fundamental […]

Finding Useable Data

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As data volumes, varieties and velocities increase, securely storing, processing and governing your data becomes more challenging. This interesting topic came to our attention […]

The Value in Data

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Organizations often undergo changes due to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and system upgrades. These transitions can create silos containing inconsistent and redundant data. […]

More and More Data

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When the amount of new data generated surpasses the limit of institutions to manage it, and makes it difficult for analysts to analyze it […]

Finding the Story in the Data

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A recent study shows that companies offering data and analytics to their customers have a competitive advantage and in turn, reap the benefits of […]

The Growing Pile of Data

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As we live and work in an increasingly digital space, we are all influenced by the information we consume on a daily basis. At […]

Securing the Cloud

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Many enterprises are shifting towards a hybrid or full cloud computing model, which while an advantage in many ways, can bring major cybersecurity headaches […]

Digging Into the Data

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Although nearly two-thirds of organizations agree that real-time data is needed for decision-making in business, companies often use data from different channels that don’t […]