Uncharted Territory

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The global pandemic has disrupted many things in our lives. It has also left its footprint on healthcare, education and the hospitality industry, to […]

Machine Learning Used to Detect COVID-19 Quickly

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Oxford scientists have developed a new type of test that can detect COVID-19 with a high degree of accuracy, directly in samples taken from patients, using […]

Open Source in a Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has slowed or stopped many things since 2020 began, but one thing that hasn’t been affected, at least in the negative, […]

Distance Society

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Large gatherings are on the minds of most scientific and scholarly societies as we navigate public safety in the midst of a pandemic. Can […]

Using Technology in the Pandemic Battle

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The coronavirus health crisis has resulted in many changes. Changes in our we work, how we educate our children and how the healthcare system […]

Financial Hits and Misses with COVID-19

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There are many industries that will take a significant financial hit as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. With many organizations shifting to telecommuting […]

Emerging Tech’s Role in the Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic is creating problems not just in healthcare, unemployment and education, but it is also impacting the global economy on a pretty […]

Data Governance in the Pandemic

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Data governance is important to any data management strategy. All organizations need to plan how they use data so that it’s handled consistently, to support […]

COVID-19 Mini Thesaurus Available

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Access Innovations has created a COVID-19 mini-thesaurus and it is freely available to everyone. It can be downloaded here.

This valuable resource will help those […]

Emerging Tech in a Pandemic

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COVID-19 has changed many aspects of the world we live in these days. Some of those changes were expected and some are surprising. The […]