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AI in Information Governance

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Alfresco Software has introduced new information governance capabilities for the Alfresco Digital Business Platform. KM World brought this interesting topic to our attention in their […]

AI is Working for Climate Change

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Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is constantly showing new applications to make our lives easier. Despite how convenient it can be, there is a bittersweet […]

Let’s Talk Semantics

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In software, semantic technology encodes meanings separately from data and content files, and separately from application code. This enables machines as well as people to understand, […]

AI and Search

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have the potential to measurably improve the accuracy of web search results. This isn’t really breaking news, but […]

Searching for the Curious

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Google has released the topics that earned the most searches over the course of the year. This annual practice gives insights into the interests […]

Taxonomies at Work

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Do you spend too much time searching for market data? Do you believe there has to be a better way? You are not alone. […]

The Power of Search

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Search is a fundamental part of life. We search for movies, music, and other entertainment on the internet. We shop for gifts and household […]

Machine Learning and Music

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Machine learning has permeated all parts of our lives, from retail recommendations to search enhancements. It continues to evolve and grow into more insightful […]

AI For Some

By |October 30th, 2019|News|Comments Off on AI For Some

Likened to the socio-economic status of those who have certain benefits and privileges and those who don’t, the technological world is quickly becoming divided […]

New Kind of Search

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In the last six years, visual search market revenue has increased 29% year-over-year. So what exactly is visual search? Forbes brought us this interesting […]