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The Business of Business

The business of technology continues to see growth. Granted, it isn’t the frenzied growth of the late 90’s, but it also isn’t as volatile. Marlin & […]

Using Analytics for Big Data

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Machine learning technology has changed the opinion that machines and computers are cold and calculating. They have personalities and assumptions – but with all the […]

Machine Learning is a Popular Commodity

Apple has recently purchased the machine-learning startup, Turi. Fortune magazine brought this interesting news to us in their article, “Apple Buys a Machine-Learning Startup For a […]

Natural Language Processing Learning Opportunity

Natural language processing (NLP) was once on the frontier of artificial intelligence (AI) as a research topic with low accuracy. Now it is rapidly becoming […]

Digital Hub Attracts International Start-ups

Many companies are viewing Ireland as a starting point for accessing Europe. Just recently five new tech companies representing Belgium, Finland, New Zealand, the […]

Big Picture Management

What is information lifecycle management? It is the practice of applying certain policies to effective information management. This includes every phase of a record from its beginning […]