The Leader’s Data Manifesto was originally unveiled at the Enterprise Data World 2017 Conference. The manifesto counts hundreds of signatories at this point, expressing their support of its vision for data and information to be truly valued and managed as a business asset. DATAVERSITY brought this topic to our attention in their article, “The Leader’s Data Manifesto: Time to Focus on Why Data Management Matters.”

There are still many who, a year from publication, have yet to embrace the manifesto and resulting cultural change. Of the 300 people who have signed the manifesto, all of them were data people. Most who haven’t signed are business executives.

Maybe it is the view from where they are sitting? It is difficult to back something that you don’t understand. But then again, most organizations are far from being data driven. The goal here is to communicate good data practices, find the big wins, and appropriately advocate their benefits. Doesn’t sound that difficult to me.

Melody K. Smith

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