Facebook continues to work on making its platform safer and more secure for users. After the 2016 election fiasco and the following hearings and inquiries the social media giant is using various approaches to censor and verify content. This interesting news came to us from Engadget in their article, “Facebook’s ‘Rosetta’ AI can extract text from a billion images daily.”

Moving beyond just words – because online users also communicate with images – Facebook has deployed a large-scale machine learning system called Rosetta. This was done in order to include images with text in relevant photo search results. Screen readers now have a way to read what’s written on them and to make sure they don’t contain hate speech and other words that violate the website’s content policy.

Rosetta is already being used to surface more content and to police their platforms. The company plans to keep on growing the number of languages it can understand and to improve it’s ability to extract text from video frames. Recently, the social network added 24 new languages to its automatic translation feature.

Melody K. Smith

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