Data science as we know it today is about understanding – studying, processing, and extracting valuable insights from a set of information. DATAVERSITY brought this interesting information to our attention in their article, “Role of Data Science in Cyber Security.”

Data science has been around since computer science existed, however, it has evolved into an independent field and amazing field of study, offering promising career opportunities. Also evolving with technology is cyber security. The problems with information security are multi-dimensional with thousands of features present in tons of data sources.

Security practitioners must get smarter about how they use data. The problem is that many data scientists are lost in their world of math and algorithms and don’t always explain the value they bring from a business perspective.

With the application of data analytics and several machine learning tools, an organization can conduct a thorough analysis to reveal trends, patterns and actionable intel. It can identify aspects of all the network attacks in your organization, which you can then take measures to prevent future attacks.

Melody K. Smith

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