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Data Analytics in 2020

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Data analytics and business intelligence tools are evolving at a rapid pace. However, is the average business stakeholder aware of the significant impact data […]

Technology in 2020

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We are a month into 2020 and it is interesting to look back at what the predictions for technology movement were and if there […]

Analytics Need Data Governance

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Self-service analytics gives users the ability to develop rapid reports, empowering users to analyze their data. End users can analyze their data by dynamically modifying, […]

Maintaining Data Integrity

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There has been an explosion of data as more and more devices are producing more and more data at home and at in the […]

Technology in Surveying

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Land surveying is an important profession. In specific industries, such as construction, surveyors are literally required in the planning and execution of most projects. This interesting information […]

Applied Analytics is Accessible

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The Applied Analytics Club at the University of Washington (AACUW) was formed this past fall. It was created to provide an interdisciplinary space for students to […]

Research Data’s Journey

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Research data doesn’t just spontaneously happen. There is a choreographed effort involving a crowd of people getting it to the finish line. This interesting information […]

Data Governance Brings Harmony

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Data has long been identified as one of the most valuable assets an organization possesses. How essential, then, is it for enterprises to adopt […]

Analytics Training for a Targeted Audience

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Accessibility for physical structures is important and constantly increasing for those with alternative physical abilities. How about accessibility for data? This interesting topic came […]

The Role of the Data Scientist

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Finding the right person for a vacant position is serious work. Manufacturers now have more data in their production than ever before so it […]