There are many industries that will take a significant financial hit as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. With many organizations shifting to telecommuting and working from home, while others are just shutting down — employees and organizations alike will suffer economically. However, there are a few industries that see this as their time to shine. This interesting topic came to us from CNBC in their article, “The work-from-home trade: These tech companies could benefit from coronavirus office closures.”

Companies are increasingly telling employees to work from home to keep them from catching the coronavirus as more cases crop up each day. For the technology companies that specialize in virtual meetings, cloud computing and other work-from-home trades, their financial prospect could outperform all projections.

Video conferencing software company Zoom has been one of the biggest winners thus far from the crisis. Its stock is up about 67% so far this year.

Modeling the possibilities that employers could realize by using their product, Zoom itself has asked employees based at its San Jose, California, headquarters to work from home.

Melody K. Smith

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