Land surveying is an important profession. In specific industries, such as construction, surveyors are literally required in the planning and execution of most projects. This interesting information came to us from Entrepreneur in their article, “Is the Surveying Industry Ready to Collaborate on Big Data?

In the past, a surveyor has always worked on his own data, either gathered through various resources or his own intrinsic sources from a project on which he has based his calculations. This has its own downfalls. The biggest being singular data resting with individuals, not the organization. When an individual moves on, organizations lose access to data resting with them.

Up to this point, the surveying profession has been slow to adopt technology. However, times are changing and more and more surveyors are adept at using technology and relying on data for project completion.

Considering the complex nature of projects being executed faster than they were without the help of technology, there is immense importance of data analysis for the purpose of creating an effective project management plan.

Melody K. Smith

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