Open Access Images Get Great Reception

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The New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is pursing a new Open Access policy that would result in the release of high-resolution imagery of all its public-domain works, which […]

The Choice of Words

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Words and language in general have always been of interest to me. Dictionaries, thesauri, and as I grew older, the AP Stylebook usually resided […]

The Real Meaning

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Machine learning scientists at Disney Research have developed a new innovative model that uncovers how the meanings of words change over time. This interesting information […]

Digital Assimilation

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Digital used to be considered new and inventive. In many situations it is now the norm and expected. The Bookseller brought us this interesting […]

Academic Publishers Bring Lawsuit

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Earlier this summer, three of the country’s largest college textbook publishers filed a lawsuit against Follett Corp. charging the company with selling counterfeit textbooks. Publishers Weekly […]

New Partnership Uncovers Data

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Linguamatics is utilizing their artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms that fuel natural language processing technology for text mining to join forces with […]

Reality, Virtual or Otherwise

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Wireless virtual reality (VR) headsets are becoming more and more popular by the day. Data consumption is forecast to explode over the next four […]