Digital Hub Attracts International Start-ups

Many companies are viewing Ireland as a starting point for accessing Europe. Just recently five new tech companies representing Belgium, Finland, New Zealand, the […]

Voila! It’s Magic

A combination of advancements in cognitive computing, graph databases, visualizations, and data discovery have resulted in an amazing reduction in the delivery time of […]

Big Picture Management

What is information lifecycle management? It is the practice of applying certain policies to effective information management. This includes every phase of a record from its beginning […]

Tightening Security

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Data security is as important as ever. Cyber fraud and attacks seem to fill the headlines on a daily basis. In this political season, […]

Protecting Assets

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Data is like gold. Gold that is alive and moving. Corporate-created data is emerging, growing and evolving at a rate of unparalleled proportions. Information Age brought […]

Publishing Reports Show Growth

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The United States book and journal publishing industry generated $27.78 billion in net revenue for 2015. This represents 2.71 billion units. The American Association of Publishers […]

Wearing Technology

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Fitbits and Apple watches are a common sight, but today’s wearables are expected to look quite different in the future. This interesting information came from […]