Searching with Semantic Technology

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We humans by nature don’t like long lists of things. Our brains get easily overwhelmed and, as cognitive misers, we prefer fewer options, shorter […]

Archiving the Past for the Future

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1.2 million volunteers worldwide contribute to the FamilySearch indexing program, which brings billions of historical records to life. NewsOK out of Oklahoma brought this information […]

Data Integrity and Technology

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Electronic data collection is a strong motivator for organizations to invest in technology. However, even with the compelling advantages, many instruments and systems still […]

New Publishing Arrangements Enhances Customer Service

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Atypon has signed multi-year agreements with two leading publishers. The American Physiological Society (APS) and Health Affairs are now part of the widely used online publishing […]

Smarter Machines

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I know, with a title like that the inner sci-fi geek in you just went, “whaaat?” Granted, artificial intelligence (AI) devices may be best known […]

Machine Learning Technology Used to Forecast

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BreezoMeter has announced the addition of air quality forecasting and pollen dispersion data, based on its proprietary machine learning algorithm, to its API. The company is […]

DHUG 2017 Registration Closes February 2

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Held each February in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the 2017 Data Harmony Users Group (DHUG) brings together current and prospective users of the Data Harmony […]

Navigating Natural Language and Semantic Search

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Semantic search is search that understands the meaning of a natural language query as opposed to viewing search terms as keywords. For example, a […]

Digital’s Impact on Publishing

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Few other industries have undergone as much change as publishing has in recent years. On top of that, customer service demands continue to rise. This […]