Reaching to the Clouds for Migration

December 17, 2012  
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Revevol Apps has been launched as a new subsidiary based in San Francisco. The company is dedicated to developing web-based applications that will help more midsize to large companies migrate to Google Apps.

Document Management Education

October 29, 2012  
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It continues to be a challenge, but managing enterprise content has earned itself special focus in the educational and training arena. Nokusa Engineering Informatics (NokusaEI) is introducing a new series of AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) training programs in South Africa.

Seeking Findability

July 2, 2012  
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Daegis is now able to preserve and manage Lotus Notes collaborative application data throughout the entire eDiscovery process. This new technology has been added to its eDiscovery Platform and makes Daegis the only provider to offer clients the ability to capture, process, search, and review collaborative Lotus Notes applications such as team room documents, document libraries, support systems and customized templates for legal discovery.

New Partnership Enhances Document Managing

March 14, 2012  
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WorldView and Evolution1 have announced a new partnership that will benefit users by providing WorldView’s document management solution and Evolution1’s administrative platform and debit card options. Day-to-day processes can be made easier and more efficient.

Managing Data

March 6, 2012  
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Managing information has been an issue since the dawn of time. Juggling rocks, etchings, parchments, paper, floppy disks and now metabytes are really all part of the same challenge. Where to put it, how to find it and what does it mean? The advantage we have today is there are plenty of software options to assist in these tasks. There are also guidelines and standards that allow users to manage their ever precious content with consistency and skill.

Finding Data Faster and Easier

March 1, 2012  
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KnowledgeTree has unveiled new tools for their Personal Cloud Edition of SaaS document management and workflow offering. These tools are designed to make business documents easier to find and share.

New Version of DocumentPower Enteprise Released

February 13, 2012  
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McLeod Software has released a new version of their DocumentPower Enterprise business process management and automation solution. This new version includes an expanded set of bar code capabilities and enhancements that gives companies greater flexibility and accuracy in auto-indexing.

University of Delaware Embracing Cloud-Based System

February 8, 2012  
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University of Delaware just announced that they have selected OCLC WorldShare Management Services as a Web-based cooperative library management system for metadata management, acquisitions, circulation, discovery, license management and workflow improvements.

New Merger Benefits EBSCO

February 7, 2012  
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EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) maybe in the perfect spot to benefit from the formal merging of EBSCO A-to-Z® and LinkSource® into EBSCO’s overall discovery solution.

Comprehensive Document Management Systems Can Bring Findability

January 17, 2012  
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Kodak recently announced that South Africa-based mining group, Exxaro, has purchased some of their products, specifically the Scan Station 500 network scanners and Capture Pro Software Auto Import Edition software, to enhance their strategic electronic document management system (EDMS).

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