Emerging Technologies Promise Bright Futures

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Professionals with skills in emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning have bright career potential in the coming years. Analytics […]

Finding the Value in Data

By |September 20th, 2018|News, Technology|Comments Off on Finding the Value in Data

In the business and technical worlds these days, creating value and competitive advantage are among the top goals. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help. This interesting […]

Analytics of Today

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Analytics are the topic of the day, week, and maybe even year. Business leaders want information and they believe analytics can give them the insight […]

Smart Homes, Smart Lives, Smart Technology

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Semantic technology and analytics are used for many different functions in a variety of organizations and fields. From healthcare to law, from online retailers […]

Image Editing with AI

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A new artificial intelligence (AI)-based image editing tool uses neural networks to differentiate between objects and the background with enhanced precision. This interesting information […]

Enterprise Resource Planning Game is Changing

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Organizations must have corporate taxonomies in place to manage increasingly intelligent enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and broader data insights. This interesting topic came […]

Deep Learning Provides Insight

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has become more prolific than anyone could have expected in such a short time. So it surprises us that the government […]

Improving Automation with AI

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Robotic process automation (RPA) is an emerging form of business process automation technology based on the notion of software robots. When you bring artificial […]

AI in Context

By |August 29th, 2018|News, Technology|Comments Off on AI in Context

Samsung has embraced artificial intelligence (AI) as part of their data usage. Connecting users with the technology is made easier through AI. Venture Beat brought […]