Semantic technology and analytics are used for many different functions in a variety of organizations and fields. From healthcare to law, from online retailers to human resources – how we gather, analyze and use data is constantly changing. This interesting information came to us from Automated Buildings in their article, “The Buildings Data Analytics Revolution in Three Acts.”

One of the more surprising and out-of-the-box uses of the technologies come in the form of smart buildings. Using data analytics framework as an essential tool to leverage insights and help optimize the ongoing operations of buildings.

When you think of Internet of Things (IoT), you think of Amazon’s Alexa or even your smart thermostat controlling the HVAC system in your home. On a significantly larger scale, data analytics is also used extensively in the commissioning of commercial building systems. Critical to ensuring that design strategies are executed as intended, connected-commissioning approaches help optimize design during construction as needed to deliver the building at peak performance on the first day of occupancy.

Melody K. Smith

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