Augmented Reality

AI in Fashion

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It is easy to think that artificial intelligence (AI) is a business term and function, therefore it does not affect the average consumer or […]

Scholarly Publishing and Reality

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Virtual reality is fairly common and in fact, in many homes these days. However, it still feels very much like sci-fi to many people. […]

2019 Technological Opportunities

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Technology continues to impact our lives in new and surprising ways. What will 2019 bring in the form of emerging technologies to change life […]

Humans and Digital Transformation

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Technology is embedded in our lives. For many people, they’re literally connected from the time they wake up til the time they go to […]

Learning New Terms

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For those who are managing an analytical solution implementation or trying to select a solution for business users, it is important to understand the […]

Trends in Technology

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Deep learning will gather some traction in the coming years. This interesting information came from Tech Juice in their article, “Top 3 technologies that will […]