It is easy to think that artificial intelligence (AI) is a business term and function, therefore it does not affect the average consumer or homeowner. It may be easy, but it is also naive. Forbes brought this topic to our attention in their article, “The Fascinating Ways Warby Parker Uses Artificial Intelligence And AR To Change Retail.”

Whether you have heard of eye wear designer Warby Parker or not, the company has been a disruptor in the fashion vision world and is now valued at more than a billion dollars. Their success is based on their commitment to using the latest AI and augmented reality technology to provide customers with an extraordinary experience.

Their latest solution for trying on frames leverages the camera capabilities of the iPhone X. Warby Parker introduced Virtual Try-On that allows you to try on virtual frames through augmented reality, a technology that overlays computer-generated images (in this case, glass frames) onto your face image. With the specific details of your face tracked, the tool can recommend frames best suited for your face.

Melody K. Smith

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