Why Taxonomies Matter

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Taxonomy is the practice and science of classifying things or concepts. Those of us in the business of information science know it as the […]

Machine Learning and Science

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Scientists have decoded visual images from a dog’s brain, offering a first look at how the canine mind reconstructs what it sees, using machine […]

AI is Everywhere

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the front lines of so much these days. From helping in the global fight against COVID-19 to improving manufacturing, AI […]

Handedness and Categorization

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The look into right handed vs. left handedness tickled the categorization part of my brain as well as the “new information to learn” and […]

Machine Learning’s Contributions to Biomedical Science

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While the direct goal of biological modeling is to describe data, it ultimately aims to find ways of fixing systems and enhancing understanding of […]

COVID-19’s Impact on Semantic Technology

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In a recently published study related to the semantic knowledge graphing market, the COVID-19 analysis section within the report offered timely insights regarding the […]

Classification and Taxonomies

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Taxonomies and classification. These two terminologies are frequently used interchangeably but they are not the same thing. It could be very confusing to understand […]