Scientists have decoded visual images from a dog’s brain, offering a first look at how the canine mind reconstructs what it sees, using machine learning. This interesting information came to our attention from Science Daily in their article, “Machine learning gives glimpse of how a dog’s brain represents what it sees.”

If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know I love all things dog-related. Besides being an avid believer in dog rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming, I am fascinated by the DNA genome project that allows us to know our animals breed make-up and the underlying behavior and health traits that come with it. So imagine my interest in using technology to understand more about how a dog see’s the world around them.

The results suggest major differences in how the brains of humans and dogs work. No surprise there. Humans are very object oriented. Dogs appear to be less concerned with who or what they are seeing and more concerned with the action involved. This makes complete sense as they live in survival mode way more than humans have – at least for many thousands of years.

Melody K. Smith

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