In a recently published study related to the semantic knowledge graphing market, the COVID-19 analysis section within the report offered timely insights regarding the impact of the global pandemic on the market. This interesting topic came to us from Cole Reports in their article, “How Coronavirus Pandemic Will Impact Semantic Knowledge Graphing Market Forecasted To Surpass The Value Of US$ XX Mn/Bn By 2058 2017 – 2025.

The presented study also offers data regarding the business and supply chain continuity strategies that are likely to assist stakeholders in the long-run.

Semantic knowledge is a type of long-term memory, commonly referred to as semantic memory, consisting of concepts, facts, ideas and beliefs. The semantic knowledge graph market aims at extracting and presenting the knowledge of a specific domain automatically from a group of documents representative of that domain.

The semantic knowledge graphing market has numerous applications like being used to discover related terms within a domain, explain multiple meanings of a similar phrase, boost semantic search by expanding user queries to related keywords/ phrases and identifying trending topics among time-series data.

Melody K. Smith

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