The Role of Scholarly Societies

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Communities exist in various forms and fashions. Spiritual, educational, and occupational. This interesting information came to our attention from The Scholarly Kitchen in their […]

The Intelligence Competition

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is always compared to human intelligence. The speed of AI’s processing is often compared to how much faster it is than […]

AI and Optical Neural Networks

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With all the talk and focus on artificial intelligence (AI), it may surprise you that even the most powerful computers are no match for the […]

Digital of Today

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Many companies are ramping up their digital transformation initiatives and most are embracing the advantage of data analytics. This interesting information came to us from […]

Machine Learning in the Firefighting Business

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Machine learning and other emerging technologies are finding new purposes every day. Lately, machine learning is being utilized to predict raging wildfire’s intensity and […]

AI and Neural Networks

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. Whether you find that to be a positive or not depends on your experience. It has been predicted that […]

What Deep Learning Brings to the Table

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In the world of technology there are many terms used in conjunction with artificial intelligence (AI). That is because AI is an umbrella and much […]

AI in the Sky

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Galaxy clusters can be some of the most massive structures in the cosmos, but despite being millions of light years across, they can still […]

Understanding Machine Learning

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What is machine learning? We talk about it all the time. Those in the information management business know what it is and understand it, […]

Intelligence, Artificial and Otherwise

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The artificial intelligence (AI) boom leaves many believing that everything is automated and AI is replacing humans one by one. This interesting subject came […]