Artificial intelligence (AI) just might be the driving force in how we approach healthcare and healthy aging in the future. This interesting topic came to us from Singularity Hub in their article, “Why AI Will Be the Best Tool for Extending Our Longevity.”

When many of us hear AI-related conversations, we imagine robots doing our jobs, rendering people obsolete. Since AI-driven computers are programmed to make decisions with little human intervention, some wonder if machines will soon make the difficult decisions we now entrust to our doctors.

However, it is important to separate fact from science fiction, because AI is already here and it’s fundamentally changing medicine and longevity. The surge of interest in longevity is coming at a time when life expectancy in the US is actually dropping, despite the fact that we spend more money on healthcare than any other nation.

Armed with targeted analytics derived from the semantic technology, doctors may be better able to assess risk, make correct diagnoses and offer patients more effective treatments.

Melody K. Smith

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