Finding the Way with Taxonomies

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Most organizations today face challenges as they accumulate volumes of data on premises and in the cloud. How do they begin to locate what’s […]

Inside Semantic Search

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A lot has changed and improved since the first-generation search technologies. Today’s modernized search platforms make it easier to build infrastructure, integrate with content sources and […]

Search with Results

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Search engines have come a long way in their ability to help you find desired information within an enterprise. Technologies vary, but no matter […]

Compliance with Fragmented Data

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Data fragmentation refers to the dispersion of an organization’s data assets. The more data you have from different sources and stored in different spaces, the […]

Managing Data Through Transitions

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Organizations often undergo changes due to mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and system upgrades. These transitions can create silos containing inconsistent and redundant data. […]

Finding the Data

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The need to classify and categorize corporate information has never been greater. The proliferation of information channels, sources and delivery platforms make managing information […]

Managing the Data Flood

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When the amount of new data generated surpasses the limit of institutions to manage it, and makes it difficult for analysts to analyze it […]

The Next Best Thing

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Technology evolves. It is a fact for sure, but still a bittersweet one at times. With the news that Apple is retiring the final […]