Metadata and Digital in Publishing

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If you were unable to attend the recent event from Highwire Press – Best Practices Webinar Series – The Growing Importance of Video in Scholarly […]

Making Content Findable

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A clear taxonomy keeps your content organized and allows your audience to easily find your content through either the navigation structure on your website […]

Findability and Classification

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The need to classify and categorize corporate information has never been greater. The proliferation of information channels, sources and delivery platforms make managing information […]

Maintaining Findability with Data Deluges

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When the amount of new data generated surpasses the limit of institutions to manage it, and makes it difficult for analysts to analyze it […]

Keeping the Data Secure and Still Findable

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Data is a critical enterprise asset that underpins operations, drives decision-making, makes personalized end-to-end service delivery possible, unlocks competitive advantage and so much more. […]

Finding Efficiently

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Findability for users (whether internal or external) is important. Google Cloud has released a new fully managed search tool, called Retail Search, which is […]

Looking to Data for Answers

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Recent studies revealed about 40% of enterprise data is either inaccurate, incomplete or unavailable, which results in businesses failing to achieve their data-driven goals. […]

Managing Data

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Modern businesses have vast, diverse data that they want to make use of in as many ways as possible, including for analytics. A data […]