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Information Management in the Pandemic

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The technology industry, especially the information management side of things, has been in the spotlight as it has taken a leadership role in the midst […]

Scientific Bias

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Classifications have been around forever. In science, in information management, in the grocery store aisles and in society. This interesting topic came to us from […]

Classification Provides Consistency

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Taxonomies exist in every industry from science to information management to healthcare. Classifications provide direction and consistency. Recently researchers have identified psychosis subgroups that […]

Information Management and COVID-19

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COVID-19 is the one and only topic during this heightened time of anxiety and information management. As higher education institutions in the United States […]

New Acquisition for EBSCO Increases Connectionality

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EBSCO Information Services has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Zepheira – provider of large-scale, decentralized linked data infrastructure. EBSCO brought us this news in their press […]

Analytics Used to Remove Bias in School

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Education is never a waste of time. It is encouraging to know there has been an increased interest in learning more about how data […]

Ensuring Data Quality

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Data quality issues are not limited to a particular type of organization. When you bring people, process, and technology together – there are going […]

AI in Information Governance

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Alfresco Software has introduced new information governance capabilities for the Alfresco Digital Business Platform. KM World brought this interesting topic to our attention in their […]

Looking Forward

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Who wouldn’t want to predict the future if they could? Besides the financial benefits that could be realized, for those of us who hate […]

Ensuring Data Quality

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Information management consultants are identifying the importance of aligning business and IT drivers for a holistic architectural approach to ensuring strong data quality. Tech […]