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Blockchain to the Rescue

By |February 19th, 2019|News|Comments Off on Blockchain to the Rescue

Blockchain technology allows digital information to be distributed but not copied. Because of this, it might just have created the backbone of a new […]

Making the Relationship Work

By |February 18th, 2019|Access Insights, Featured|Comments Off on Making the Relationship Work

As in dating or marriage, relationships are at the core of success. Making the same comparison in business or information technology might not be […]

Measuring Organizational Intelligence

By |December 10th, 2018|Access Insights, Featured|Comments Off on Measuring Organizational Intelligence

Intelligence can be measured individually and organizationally. Just as we now measure the intelligence of people by using I.Q., the study of organizational intelligence […]

Semantic Technology To Enhance Visual Identification

By |September 28th, 2018|News, semantic|Comments Off on Semantic Technology To Enhance Visual Identification

Researchers have developed a technique that could allow deep learning algorithms to learn the visual features of images in a self-supervised fashion, without the […]

EBSCO Appoints New CIO

By |January 16th, 2018|Business strategy, News|Comments Off on EBSCO Appoints New CIO

EBSCO Industries out of Birmingham, Alabama recently announced that Ryan Loy will be joining the company as Chief Information Officer (CIO). Business Wire brought […]

Search and Find

By |January 8th, 2018|Access Insights, Featured, indexing, Recommender Systems, search, Standards, Taxonomy|Comments Off on Search and Find

Search has many parts, pieces and players in both the software and the technology.

A search engineĀ is different from search software. The terms are used […]