COVID-19 has changed almost everything this year. Why should technology be untouched? To ensure they meet internal and external requirements, many organizations implement a formal information technology (IT) governance program that provides a framework of best practices and controls. Continuity Central brought this topic to our attention in their article, “Audit chiefs see IT governance as top risk for 2021 says Gartner.”

COVID-19 has reorganized the risk landscape for chief audit executives, who have listed IT governance as the top risk for 2021. According to analysts, the pandemic is enabling new sets of risks while exacerbating long-standing vulnerabilities.

The research revealed that IT governance is displacing data governance, which was the top entry for 2020 and is in second position for 2021. IT governance is a process used to monitor and control key information technology capability decisions in an attempt to ensure the delivery of value to key stakeholders in an organization. In the big picture, IT governance is an integral part of overall enterprise governance.

Melody K. Smith

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