Open source is a term used to describe computer programs with their source code available for everyone to study. The open source software development model allows others to not only study the code but also improve it by testing, bug reporting and submitting patches. This interesting topic came to us from EIN News in their article, “Information Technology Industry Overview Indicates Popularity Of Open-Source Software.”

Over the past five years there has been an increasing prevalence of low-cost open source alternatives. The IT industry trends show that open source has become a preferred platform for developing new technology.

In the past, software publishers would open source software that was not making money, but now companies are open sourcing software to increase their presence and share in the market.

The global information technology market size is expected to grow from $7.85 trillion in 2020 to $8.37 trillion in 2021. The growth is mainly due to the companies revisiting their operations and recovering from the COVID-19 impact.

Melody K. Smith

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