Web3 Will Change the Internet

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Web3 technologies — including virtual and augmented reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies — have the potential to completely […]

The Internet of the Future

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No one can deny the impact that the Internet has had on our lives, both personal and business. Two inventions – the Internet and […]

Happy Birthday, WWW

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On August 6, 1991, without fanfare, British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee published the first-ever website while working at CERN, the huge particle physics lab […]

IoT Everywhere

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Adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow around the globe with a wide range of industries looking to capture the full […]

Semantic Web and Ontologies

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The semantic web, or web 3.0, is often quoted as the next phase of the Internet. The semantic web was envisioned as a highly interconnected […]

Academic Publishing Process Under Scrutiny

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Peer review and published academic journals have been under scrutiny for the process and frequent delays that result even in the world of online […]

Data Governance in a New Digital World

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The coronavirus pandemic has taught us many things and there are certainly more lessons to be learned as we continue to navigate through this […]

Consistency Enables Findability

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The professionals who work to uncover security vulnerabilities in hardware must find a common language for categorizing them. That is the entire purpose of […]

Cloud Technology Expanding

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QingCloud recently announced its plan to expand their cloud technology into the global markets, with Jakarta, Indonesia as the first stop. This interesting news came to us […]

The Role of Food

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Food is the center of seemingly everything we do. It’s a cultural nexus—when we celebrate religious things, food is at the middle of it. […]