No one can deny the impact that the Internet has had on our lives, both personal and business. Two inventions – the Internet and the web – have made the world a more connected but complex place. This news came to us from Ofcom in their article, “Internet Futures: Spotlight on the technologies which may shape the Internet of the future.”

Billions of people are now online resulting in an extremely busy and global space where many services in communication, commerce, education, entertainment and beyond exist.

Some of the biggest companies in the world today were founded because of the Internet. They are playing an important role in advocating for improvements as the technology that drives the Internet and the web continues to develop.

A recent report was released that focuses on the innovative, emerging Internet technologies that could impact the future phase of the Internet. You can download that report here.

One of the more interesting technologies discussed is the convergence of cloud and edge computing. The Linux Foundation (LF) edge consortium has been a key player in advancing the architecture of edge computing. Their edge taxonomy can be viewed as an illustration of the future Internet data
transportation infrastructure.

Melody K. Smith

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