Cyberattacks continue to be a problem and new technology is being developed every day to combat their attempts to infiltrate businesses’ applications and systems. Tech Radar brought this news to us in their article, “Google wants to stop DDoS attacks using machine learning.”

Google recently rolled out a public preview of a new protection service powered by machine learning to help businesses shield their Google Cloud applications and services from DDoS attacks. This new tech, known as Google Cloud Armor Adaptive Protection, can help businesses spot abnormal traffic and take corrective action.

Emil Kiner, a product manager for Google’s Cloud Armor, said that the new protection service uses machine learning models to analyze signals across web services to detect potential attacks. The service trains itself for at least an hour to establish a reliable baseline before it begins monitoring traffic. 

There is no rest for those charged with protecting against cyber crime. Additional network security updates include new firewall insights for improved firewall rule management, hierarchical firewall policies for more flexible levels of control and new controls for packet mirroring to third party network inspection services. 

Melody K. Smith

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