The Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) has developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-based service platform to share knowledge on the symptoms of dementia patients and how to care for them. This interesting news came to us from The Korea Bizwire in their article, “Researchers Develop AI Platform to Share Knowledge on Dementia Care.”

Based on an ontology model, which refers to technology in which AI understands and processes human knowledge, they compiled knowledge of how to care dementia patients, their living environment, medical knowledge and the information on dementia patients and people around them.

The research team developed a graphical user interface to make the platform more accessible.

“This platform can be used for the AI technology-based care services using robots or chatbots. We expect the platform to contribute to reducing the burden of dementia care,” said Lim Yoon-seob, the senior researcher at KIST who led the project.

The ontology-based knowledge system is for caring for a person with dementia at home or care facility. The overall system architecture of the proposed system targeting at supporting caregivers or family members that can provide appropriate care guides for distinct symptoms of a dementia patient.

An ontology defines a controlled vocabulary for researchers who need to share information in a domain. It includes machine-interpretable definitions of basic concepts in the domain and relations among them.

Melody K. Smith

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