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Machine Learning and AI Moving Forward

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According to David Karandish, founder and CEO of, people should not be afraid of or against artificial intelligence (AI). He believes they should […]

Making New Memories

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and memories aren’t often used in the same context. However, the use of emerging memories with AI applications is increasing. This […]

In and Out of Context

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Cognitive neuroscientists are using artificial intelligence (AI) networks to enhance the understanding of the human brain. This interesting information came to us from Xinhua Net […]

Leadershift in the World of AI

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China has been viewed as an innovation leader in the tech space more and more lately. Now they are growing in importance as a […]

Artificial Intelligence of Today and Tomorrow

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has permeated all aspects of our lives. It is no longer just part of the science fiction fantasy world. It has […]

AI and Neural Networks

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Quantum computers have the capability to solve complex tasks that are beyond the capabilities of conventional computers. However, like most things, there are challenges. This […]

Image Editing with AI

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A new artificial intelligence (AI)-based image editing tool uses neural networks to differentiate between objects and the background with enhanced precision. This interesting information […]

Natural Language Processing Acknowledged in Awards

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The Amazon Research Awards (ARA) is one of Amazon’s ways of supporting external research that could potentially be integrated into the tech giant’s platform […]