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Record Keeping Focus Keeps Changing Down Under

By |November 14th, 2018|News|Comments Off on Record Keeping Focus Keeps Changing Down Under

Australia has been working on revolutionizing their digital record keeping practices for more than three years. Recently they announced another shift in direction. Image […]

The Dark Side of Social Media

By |November 13th, 2018|News|Comments Off on The Dark Side of Social Media

Social media is a fantastic tool to connect personally with friends and family, and groups with common interests. For businesses, social media can make […]

A Dark Place For a Taxonomy

By |November 1st, 2018|News|Comments Off on A Dark Place For a Taxonomy

In an effort to establish better security, one dark web intelligence company has called for an industry-wide, standardized framework for evaluating and describing goods […]

Semantic Interoperability in Healthcare

By |October 18th, 2018|News|Comments Off on Semantic Interoperability in Healthcare

Healthcare organizations are seeking semantic interoperability and find themselves challenged by Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) that prevent them smoothly exchanging information. This interesting […]

Investing in IT Careers at Home

By |October 12th, 2018|News, Technology|Comments Off on Investing in IT Careers at Home

Collaboration across party lines is working towards creating information technology jobs and careers for the residents of middle America. This interesting information came to […]

Poor Pluto

By |October 3rd, 2018|News, Taxonomy|Comments Off on Poor Pluto

Pluto is a celestial object with an eccentric orbit. A minor planet classification (MPC) is its identification now, but for 76 years, Pluto was considered a full-fledged […]

Focus on Standards

By |August 23rd, 2018|News, Standards|Comments Off on Focus on Standards

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) is the largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity. The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA),and the Massachusetts […]

Making Content Findable

By |July 20th, 2018|Autoindexing, indexing, News, search, Taxonomy|Comments Off on Making Content Findable

A strong taxonomy is critical to the success a digital asset management (DAM) system and it requires hands-on care and updates regardless of its […]